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Dancing in the air

On the occasion of the 52nd National Day of Oman, on November 18, a certain photo in Dazzling drones light up Dhofar and Muscat skies ( Oman Daily Observer ) caught my eye.

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For the first time in the Sultanate, illuminated drones showed, among other things, two figures in a traditional dance move holding up the ‘khanjar.’

It reminded me of The Custodians and I quote:

“The khanjar, a short, curved dagger like the letter ’ j ‘ that resembles a hook, has resonant cultural significance to the people of Oman and is an important symbol on the flag of the Sultanate. (Of an Occurrence of Events)

At festivals it becomes clear that life in the Sultanate is accompanied by music and dance. “ (Of a Chair and Dreams)

GOOD NEWS: The Omani Khanjar is now included in the UNESCO List of intangible cultural heritage.

8 thoughts on “Dancing in the air

  1. Yes the beautiful tradition they expressed in many ways .. By march together on a long route dancing & waving the flags …and lightings the city with beautiful colors 🇴🇲

  2. Très bel article mariant traditions et modernité : les personnages dansant une danse traditionnelle du Sultanat projetés sur un ciel éclairé par des drones !..

    1. Dear , a beautiful story from a beautiful person, our clture beautiful like you are 😊

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