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Environmental Jewelry

The latest collection of Nadia Al Shamsi, is pure in forms, in material (only gold) and in message.

The limited ‘Wadi Collection,’ reflects the visit of the founder and designer of ‘Mazayen Jewelry’ during a family picnic at Wadi Dhum (Dam), nearby Ibri. Wadi Dhum is a tourist hiking place, with unique rock formations and lots of big rocks to walk over. When she pulled herself higher up through the rocks by using a provided rope, she discovered boulders full of drawings and Arabic signs.

The blowing wind, the trees, the lack of color, the light, the simplicity of the drawings with camel and other figurines, inspired here for the new jewelry line, a basic line, to reflect the atmosphere of the place.

The beauty of the wadi, made her proud of her country, of her mother too. She is from Ibri. But she also realized that the heritage that she saw had to be protected for visitors like her passing by. The ‘Wadi Collection’ of limited pieces of wearable art jewelry is a statement and an appeal to protect. So that those with an adventurous nature can see what ‘Mazayen Jewelry’ stands for.

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