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Talks about ‘The Earth has Fever’

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“The author argues for respectful treatment of nature’s gifts and artistically includes exemplary scenes from the past and the present in the plot. How did farmers integrate into nature’s harmonious rhythm many millennia years ago? How do human beings desecrate the planet nowadays regardless of the consequences? Beautiful descriptions of ancient faith rituals illustrate the importance of treating nature with respect. On the contrary there are stark images of modern self-indulgence resulting BSE, for example. Thus with stylistic devices this novel becomes with an important contribution to carefully dealing with that which provides our home and nourishes us. Be courageous and embark on an enthralling search for traces together with the protagonists. Here reading and guesswork guided by criminological instinct is a lot of fun. BOD-Publisher”

“I read ‘The Earth has Fever,’ and it seems quite interesting-griping plot, with a lot of exciting and educational facts.” Kaspar Poikans, Publisher Letland

The ‘Sky Disc of Nebra’, a bronze disc 30 cm in diameter depicting the oldest known image of the cosmos, is a clue running through the story of Arthur Tempo and Alice Buton who along with fifty climate refugees have mysteriously disappeared from the face of the Earth.
For climatologist, philosopher and lobbyist, Hilari Sands and his team of scientists, this mystery turns into a puzzle. During their research which takes them all across Europe they are confronted with one shocking revelation after the other. A mysterious group and a fifteenth-century bishop are the basis of a unique spectacle with a surprising denouement.

During the story, the moon plays a vital role as symbol of maturity and enlightenment. When I took pictures of a full moon in a cloudy sky in Dahariz in the south of the Sultanate of Oman, I thought about some situations as described in The Earth Has Fever.

In part I, 1600 BC one can read: “The old man had seen evil. Personified in Kanes. A young farmer with ambition that quickly – too quickly – had elevated him to landlord. At first sight there was nothing wrong. When Kanes and his disciples began to cross all lines of decency and started to threatening the old man, a priest who was the keeper of the Sky disc, a bronze disc, 30cm diameter, with its sun, moon and stars in gold leaf, a mathematical operator that gave farmers a structure to their lives: to know the proper time to sow, to reap, to hunt, even to determine the feast days, he decided to bury the disc. Fortunately, during his way to the sacred hill, the waxing moon offered him some light even now and then. Before the priest buried the disc, suddenly the shining moon flooded the landscape with a soft glow. He hold the disc skywards, as if to ask the divine light for its blessing or perhaps even to turn back time. When the disc is safe, the moon reappeared, it lit up the deserted burial place that was still so easy to distinguish….”

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