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Inside ‘Whispers of Oman’

Did you hear the whisper…’Whispers of Oman’ is now as e-book and paperback available on Moreover from 26 of August till 31 of August, five days long, you can download the book for free. So that everyone can have the opportunity to read the stories of mostly women who tell about their lives, about their achievements in the Sultanate of Oman, in the south eastern corner of the Arabian Peninsula.

There is the story of ‘Bedu Mona Lisa’ of Amna Ba Omar, who explains the title of her picture. For the first time, Amna won with this photo in 2012  the second prize at the Annual Photography Exhibition in Muscat. The exhibition is still the most important event held by the Photography Society in the Sultanate of Oman. In the meantime she also shares her story about the passion she has for photography and how she succeeded to follow her inner self, despite the reactions from people around her. Amna Ba Omar also exhibits in the two photography exhibitions of the annual ‘Salalah Tourism Festival

© 'Bedu Mona Lisa' Amna Ba Omar
© ‘Bedu Mona Lisa’ Amna Ba Omar, Her full story in ‘Whispers Of Oman.’
© Amna Ba Omar
© Amna Ba Omar, her full story in ‘Whispers of Oman’


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