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Inside ‘Whispers of Oman’

The cover story….

Whispers of Oman‘ is a book mainly made by women.

Mainly women told me their stories and send me their pictures.

Two pictures of women, I took, became the cover photos.

front cover (800x600)back cover (536x800)

A young woman in Europe made the cover lay-out. With the photos she made a story of her own. At the front of the cover, two women sitting at the natural spring of Ayn Razat in the south of Oman, introduces the reader in the whispers coming up. After reading the book, – when the whispers disappear – two women walk away. This picture was taken during the yearly Salalah Tourism Festival. Pink became the color for the front cover. Without knowing, she choose a color favored by a lot of Omani women. The soft line in blue-grey in the background of the cover photo underlines the movement of the two women who are whispering to one another. A perfect choice, I find.

front (566x800)

Back (583x800)20150528_114520 (800x480)


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