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Inspired by Maritime History

The day after my visit to the Maritime hall at the Museum of the Land of Frankincense in Salalah-Dhofar, I met 22-year-old Mohammed Abdullah Sabah Batamira at the SMES Incubation and Business center Samahram based in Sultan Qaboos Youth Complex for Culture and Recreation, inaugurated in 2016 during the celebration of the countries 46th National Day. Opened in 2022, Samahram Center is supervised by the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority (SMES). The center aims to provide the necessary resources and services for the establishment and growth of early-stage commercial projects such as ‘STONT TEA.’

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With the ancient name Samahram given to this center and listening to Muhammad’s story of his tea journey I knew that my encounter with him was not a coincidence, but synchronicity as Carl Jung said; meaning a deeper intelligence was at work. In my latest publication The Custodians, my attention to this intelligence brought me much knowledge.

STONT Tea, has historical roots. “The word ‘Stunte,’ in the Jebali language of the people living in the mountains means ‘Sultana.’ It is the name of the first Omani-Arab vessel that docked in the harbor of NY, USA on April 13, 1840,” Mohammed says proudly.

In the Historical hall of the Museum of the Land of Frankincense, a copy of a painting made by Professor Eugene Harper Johnson, who passed away in 2016 at the age of 100, depicts the arrival of the ship in New York harbor.

“Just as Sultana was the ambassador for Oman, Stunte tea is our ambassador for tea lovers,” Mohammed continues. “With aromatic flavors i.e. frankincense and delicate Arabic blend, the tea is unique and has health benefits. Frankincense has been known for it from ancient times. As an Omani company run by Omani youth, we have tirelessly searched for modern ideas, including the production and packaging of Stunte Tea. With the aim of creating a special identity for our brand and making it available everywhere for all tea tasters via an e-platform. Stont Tea can be ordered via Whatsapp, Instagram and mail.

As this tea is our way giving a taste of our culture and bringing a taste of happiness.”

Stont Tea: Whatsapp +968 98 100 108, mail, instagram stont_tea

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    1. Hello Ms Maria,

      You’re a wonderful writer, since thousands of years still Omani people exporting Frankincense Products to the world, SULTANA is one of the distinctive products in Oman.

      I really liked the article.

      1. Nice comment and I am glad to hear how ancient history is being translated in contemporary language and products like yours too; Natural Frankincense Products…Tx

  1. I can already smell the aroma of the STONT Tea and Omani frankincense from your very interesting article.

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