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Inverting the usual view

The exhibition L’inséparable contraire by Jehanne Paternostre is the result of two years research in the restoration laboratory of the TAMAT museum of tapestries and textile art in Tournai.

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Filming the restorer’s hands moving under the carpet – this inverted experience – led the artist to the source of the tapestry, of the woolen threads falling to the floor, and to its finiteness the dust.

Collecting this textile material, she traverses the layers of history, told through the tapestries outworn by light and time.

By arranging the material, sorting it by color, by applying other words for restoration and conservation  – by making threads of dust – with spindles, or in laboratory tubes, or by mixing different colors on a symbolic and infinitely small level, these threads full of thoughts, feelings, memories and ideas as told by the tapestries turn into something that did not exist before namely

L’inséparable contraire (free translated: The inseparable opposite)

Till February 11 at Galerie Detour, Avenue Bourgmestre Jean Materne, 166, Namur-Jambes, Belgium. Tel. +32 (0) 81 24 64 43.

10 thoughts on “Inverting the usual view

  1. only a pure soul describes the beauty and the hidden language doesn’t matter its about talent or history or any kind of objects.. and you have that soul 🫶🏻❤️
    🧵 if we take a look women in turkey , popular all over the world who made beautiful carpets prayer mats & rugs with the different kind of threads… are also very antique …

  2. Wonderful … I think the art of textiles is very great .. difficult work with high mastery .. also has aesthetic and educational meanings that it is more than a work.

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