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Whispers of Oman

Did you hear the whisper.... My new book ‘Whispers of Oman,’ is a fact. The book contains stories of mainly women of all levels of society. In the stories they share their dreams, their thoughts. They tell about their lives, about their...

Treasure Chest Salalah-Dhofar

      In 2012, ‘Treasure Chest, Salalah-Dhofar, Oman Serial 1’ was published. For this booklet of 76 pages, 46 pictures and 4 maps, I used the same concept as in 'The DNA of Salalah-Dhofar. A Tourist Guide.' By using the English and Arabic...

How is your DNA ?

    In 2011, ‘The DNA of Salalah, Dhofar. A Tourist Guide’ was a fact. Like DNA is a blueprint of living beings, this book tells on 191 pages, with 57 pictures and particular maps, stories about the past, the present and the future of the...

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