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The colors of Mazayen Jewelry

When Nadia Al Shamsi started making jewelry, she used beads. But to take her Mazayen Jewelry brand to the next level, she started using gem stones because they are more valuable due to their uniqueness. “As we know, they can bring us inner peace and positive energy,” she notes. “We believe that wearing certain stones can provide strength and protection. Even Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) wore a ring with an Aqiq (carnelian) stone.”

“That’s why when selecting, I choose stones that have a healing effect or a special meaning, a size and weight that is easy to handle and comfortable to wear, the color should match well with silver or gold. In the techniques I use and give workshops on, drilling stones is a difficult process, the most well-known technique is silversmithing (stone setting), but to make unique pieces I love the wire wrapping technique. At Mazayen we also use precious metal clay. The concept is simple, I create the design using the precious metal clay which consists of 99% silver. When fired, the clay leaves a piece of metal behind,” she explains.

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“Mazayen’s nich customers are the gift givers. They buy unique jewelry that is handmade in Oman. They want to be sure that the jewelry is made by a source they can trust. The stylish clients buys jewelry as a “statement” piece. Mazayen only has 4 pieces of each design. The sentimentalist likes to wear jewelry that has value and is looking for timeless works of art. Yoga people understand that stones are used as tool to balance the energies of our body, mind and spirit. We use stones that have a meaning. In fact, Mazayen was born from my deep desire to combine art with my rich culture. By using colorful stones I can add blessings and spread positivity. At the same time it gave me the opportunity to express myself freely. Sometimes I recommend that clients wear their birth month stone. As is known, birthstones can provide protection and strength. I was born in May, so my birthstone is emerald. I always wear an emerald ring. But I love turquoise stone, so I wear a necklace with this stone as they say it brings luck, peace and wealth.”

In her latest collection she wrote calligraphic letters and names such as:

Be Strong, Life is Beautiful, Infinity Love, Joy

Mazayen’s jewelry can be found in Muscat and Musandam at Safiya Art Gallery, Bait Al Zubair Museum (The home of Heritage, Culture and Art),  Alila Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort (Rustic luxury 5 star), Six Senses Zighy Bay (5-star resort, Musandam) and Instagram @Mazayen_j

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  1. 💜 ruwe Amethys, mooi gezet in de ring !
    Toch fascinerend hoe een brokje natuur je energie beïnvloeden kan !

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