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The colors of Pont Spalaux

Last weekend, the centenary of the “Fêtes de Wallonie” started with the slogan “Les Wallo dans le 100.” As is customary every year in the city and in twelve districts, the various original identity aspects of Wallonia were highlighted.

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Pont Spalaux is one of the twelve neighborhoods.
In 2006, the workers and residents of the neighborhood, all volunteers, took action and decided to relaunch the Place l’Ilon neighborhood committee with the aim of highlighting a set of values shared by the group through the activities during the Walloon Festival. From the start, the project was intended to be an alternative. Besides the idea of creating a folk festival, a friendly place where people can meet, the committee also wanted to  raise public awareness and defend values related to solidarity.
At l’Ilon Pont Spalaux, four ideas were central: festive music for everyone, local activities with a focus on children, and space for local, regional associations and NGO’s that are active in solidarity actions in a broad sense. But also and especially offering an active life during the rest of the year.

A photographic impression:

one of the many manifestations…

12 thoughts on “The colors of Pont Spalaux

  1. 100 shades of world through the cultural activities… social communications are they way to cherish your life with different taste and colors of the world through paintings music and all that you explore … 🤍

  2. It’s great that one is able to learn more about Namur through your very interesting articles.

  3. Merci Maria de mettre de mettre en lumière ces belles réalisations bien souvent inconnues … Les fêtes du centenaire ne se limitent pas aux festivals de musique !

  4. Een prachtig verslag van dit evenement, jou rode draad: verbinding in creativiteit, historisch en hedendaags, kinderen en volwassen, rustig en druk …. Mooi ❤️

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