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Three days of Walloon atmosphere in Namur

During the Walloon Congress of 1905, the idea of having its own flag for Wallonia in addition to the national Belgian flag became reality.

In 1923, the liberal politician and writer François Bovesse created a committee which, like a real custodian, is responsible for the celebration of the Fête de la Wallonie, the Committee of Wallonia, known today as the Central Committee of Wallonia.

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99 years later, the Fête de Wallonie, always organized in September, in Namur, is still dominated by songs, joie de vivre, folklore, tradition and memory.

Moreover, this year, this edition is historic for Namur folklore.

For the first time in more than 600 years, jousting on stilts was not just performed by men.

15 women between the ages of 11 and 43 competed for the diamond stilts.

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      1. anyone who keeps learning and concerns about things how you Do as well , stays young … and it is good to keep alive the tradition no matter how life is changed after technology & inventions… beautifully captured the moments..

  1. A Beautiful Event in Pictures: colors, atmosphere, tradition, fun of people. Nice

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