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While writing a new book about Oman, I was pleasantly surprised by the photos sent to me by Sumw Tabbook founder of Interieur Architect. In May, I met her at the SMES Incubation and Business center Samahram, located in the Sultan Qaboos Youth Complex for Culture and Recreation. This center supervised by the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority (SMES) which provides the necessary resources and services for establishing and growing commercial projects, hosted ‘Design talk’ at the end of July. The first event in its kind in Dhofar Governorate in southern Oman.

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The target group of 50 attendees, including the guest speakers, were professionals and enthusiasts in the field of interior design. Together they explored the latest trends and ideas, such as the use of color and materials, the design of open and closed spaces, the influence of lighting on the atmosphere and revitalizing the interior of existing spaces. In addition, the event served as an excellent platform to get to know the local interior design community and build a strong network. In an engaging and inspiring dialogue, the art and design scene in Dhofar Governorate was enhanced, she wrote.

Sumw Tabook, who likes to take on challenges and has her own Interior Design Studio that also provides products and ideas for other architects, entered the Oman pavilion design competition for Expo Japan 2025, whose slogan is ‘Designing a Future Society for our Lives, with the goal of improving the lives of communities.

If you don’t try, you can’t win!

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  1. Wat een prachtig initiatief! Ik hoop om het Oman-paviljoen voor Expo Japan 2025 te kunnen zien. Succes!

  2. it is good to give a platform for more talent & visions of architectures and interior designers in Arab…

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