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WE did it !

Yesterday I attended the first opening of the “Artistic Al-Irtiqa Exhibition” in Salalah Grand Mall in Al-sadaa under the auspices of H.E. Sheikh Muslim bin Saeed Al-Hamar, member of the Shura Council.  Fourteen oil paintings show the progress of women artists who followed a two-month workshop at the Sultan Qaboos Youth Complex for Culture and Recreation supervised by the full-time artist Mayada Reehan.

I’ve known Mayada for a long time. Her artistic curriculum vitae is impressive.

In 2014 she gave a workshop Still Life. “Still lifes are the best way to discover and practice the basic techniques of drawing and painting. As a result, you can apply the techniques in any art subject,” she told Whispers of Oman at that time.

In the workshop for the Artistic Al-Irtiqa Exhibition, she continued to pass on her knowledge through her work to others. In this case it was coming into contact with or deepening in the technique of oil painting. 11 paintings in the exhibition were the results of the artists’ first use of oil paint. It was the second time for three paintings. The themes were freely chosen by the participants.

A photographic impression of ‘the progress/Al-Irtiqa’ exhibition.

18 thoughts on “WE did it !

  1. hoe fantastisch dat jij deze tentoonstelling mee kunt beleven !
    Geniet van alle kunst aanwezig, ook van je eigen kunst van het schrijven !
    Veel groeten en neem de mooie beelden mee op je reis. x

  2. Cette exposition est une belle récompense du travail de Mayada!
    Bravo à toutes les femmes artistes qui ont participé et merci Maria d’avoir partagé avec nous!

    1. wow 👏👏👏 you did it we see the most heart touching picture the most attractive picture😍😍😍😍👏👏👏👏 great job

  3. Thank you, Maria.
    I give them in the workshop everything I learned and gained from the experience.
    I wish everyone success.
    And your coverage of the exhibition is the most beautiful.

  4. Wat een knap initiatief van deze vrouw, wat een talent in Oman! Haar schilderijen zijn echt prachtig! Vooral de weerspiegeling van een moment in water, kleur licht en beweging,
    Zoals ook jou schrijven, een weerspiegeling van een momenten in Oman, echt prachtig!
    Opnieuw heb ik het boekje ‘Whispers of Oman’ bekeken, het ligt nu op mijn tafel, klaar voor jou volgend schrijven ❤️

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